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#The suicide  Challenge Following the recent happenings on suicide, those of us left alive really must do something if we do not want to keep losing friends and acquaintances. Here are my thoughts on the subject. Read, comment and share. WHY PEOPLE COMMIT SUICIDE LACK OF REASON FOR LIVING: Many go through life working hard and making money but lack the knowledge about why they are here on earth. Having lots of money doesn’t guarantee happiness and fulfillment. You need a reason to keep living. You need a reason to be alive lest death makes no difference to you. You need to answer the question of WHY AM I HERE? Before God created you, He already gave you a purpose so He sent you to this world to fulfil that purpose. Your fulfillment in life is tied to that purpose so find it! LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOURSELF: Many people know too many things but they don’t know themselves, so they compare themselves with others. They don’t know their abilities, talents and gifts not even their weakn
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WHY GIANTS CRAWL ON CAMPUS (HOW FORMER SENIOR PREFECTS BECOME STRUGGLING STUDENTS IN HIGHER INSTITUTIONS) by Olorunfemi Akuruyejo 1.       .   Lack of interest in their course of study : while this may not be applicable to some students, it is however the major cause of failure for many as many that applied for courses like Medicine, Law and top Engineering courses found themselves in other departments they did not choose. Many accepted the course with the aim of crossing to the department of their choice (which does not work all the time). Can I advise you to embrace what you have at hand for a bird at hand is better than ten in the bush. While I would not advise you to settle for mediocrity, I would also want to be sure that the reason why you want to study your ‘choiced’ course is worth it. Do not pursue a course because; -your parents want you to or you want to please others. Many parents want their children to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams; if the course is not your pa


         Today, I feel like sharing a true life story with you and i need your perspective really, so don't leave this page without leaving your thoughts, muah! I trust you          There is a very wealthy man in Nigeria, a multimillionaire, he has several companies and is making money big time, he is a christian, well-spoken off by all and sundry but in one of his companies, he has his nephews(sons of his brother) working in his factory, being a production comapny and the guys earn just #16,000 per month as other junior staffs. such a short story it is, the controversy now is, why can't he help this close relatives of his more than this? A school of thought says he is supposed to set them up in a business or just give them a large chunk of money, that it's unethical to have his relatives do such jobs despite their lack of education. Another school of thought says it serves them right for he cannot make them managers or directors of the companies since they are uneducated

Celebrating my dad on this Fathers' day

      In case you don't know, Fathers' day is celebrated on every third Sunday of June in this part of the world though I just learnt that today too. Fathers' day is not as common as Mothers' day if you observe and that is often attributed to the parental bond being stronger between the mother and the children than with the Father. or who do you love more , your mum or your dad? some dad can be too harsh, too busy to give attention to their children, u know? smiles ... do you think it's worth celebrating such dads?     First of all, who is a Father? A father is a man matured enough not just to produce children but to protect and provide for his family. A father is a visioneer, a leader, head and number 1 in the family. He is a representative of the Godhead in the family, he must be strong enough for his wife to lean on and be wise enough to earn the trust of his children. this definition is not exhaustive though but this is not supposed to be a thesis on who a fath

My First Mother's Day Celebration

        So, I got to church today (Foursquare Gospel Church, aba Ibeji, Ibadan) and discovered today is Mothers' day. the church attached much importance to the celebration that the whole service was dedicated to the mothers, I almost got fed up during the sunday school when the whole teaching was about motherhood but as the service went on, I couldn't but realize how insensitive I have been to the lesson the church was teaching by dedicating a whole service to celebrate mothers. I have never celebrated one before, besides, many mothers' day celebration comes up during the year which leaves one in awe the exact day of the celebration but the question is; Is mothers' day worth the celebration?        Anyways, let me introduce to you my mum. my mum was born into a muslim, polygamous background, deserted by her 'jayejaye' mother, she couldn't get educated as she has to be brought up by her step-sister who felt cos she, herself didnt go to school, my mum should

When you feel lonely-Akuruyejo Olorunfemi

Loneliness could be devastating to your self-worth, it is a tool in the hands of the devil to make you slip into depression so you can do silly things, so you can be down, disconsolate. loneliness has made many to resort to filthy actions like masturbation, pornography, smoking, e.t.c Here are the few things you can do, all of which are from my personal experience: 1. you have got to have friends, do not live like an hermit, do not live an isolated life, without friends, you'd just be like a cardboard cut-out. your friends may not be many but make sure you have few that does the right things and your friends should be those that won't lead you into doing wrong things. 2. when you feel lonely, just pick your phone and call friends and family (maybe 1 or 2 people),ask how they are doing and laugh with them, then you'd know you are not alone. 3. when you feel lonely, it may be due to fatigue. so relax, play games, chat with friends 4. you can also take your hymn boo